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IT was supposed to be a happy day

Candy Ann McIntyre was with her 12-year-old son to celebrate his primary school graduation in Santa Cruz with his classmates yesterday.

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But moments after the ceremony McIntyre was gunned down while standing on the road.

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Other children and families standing near her were not injured.

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The incident took place around 2.45 p.m. yesterday along Santa Barbara Boulevard in Santa Cruz

McIntyre was standing on the southern side of the road when a white Nissan AD wagon pulled alongside her

Police were told a man armed with what appeared to be a rifle opened fire, hitting McIntyre several times about the body

She died on the scene

The driver of the car and the gunman sped away

No other injuries were reported

The police were notified and a team of officers led by Snr Supt Phillip and ASP Persad visited the scene

The Express was told crime scene investigators recovered several spent shells which appeared to be 5.56mm calibre rounds

These type of rounds are typically used in semi-automatic and automatic weapons, police said

Video surfaced on social media later yesterday showing McIntyre’s son crying over the body of his mother at the side of the road

Husband confused

Speaking to the Express at the scene, McIntyre’s husband, Wendell McIntyre, said he was still trying to come to terms with the incident

He said the 36-year-old was a mother of three, and was a caring person to all who met her

Her killing had him confused

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“I don’t know why this happened. I don’t know if it’s mistaken identity or what. I see people posting online that she was a State witness and thing. She was a witness to a shooting over ten years ago. I mean, I suppose it is possible, but I am finding it hard to connect the two right now,” the Express was told

Police confirmed yesterday that McIntyre was a State witness in a 2005 murder in San Juan and gave evidence in the trial of three men charged

She refused witness protection although she had been asked several times, police said

Wendell McIntyre, who works with a funeral agency, recalled that moments before his wife was killed, she had called to say everything was okay with the graduation ceremony

‘Mammy on the ground’

“They had asked me to come but I told them I couldn’t. I wanted to go to work to make sure I got paid today to provide for them. Next thing I know, my son is calling me telling me, ‘they just shoot mammy!’ ‘Mammy on the ground!’. So I leave everything I was doing and come down here straight

“But right now that really beating me up inside. I’m studying if I had come up the road as they had asked if things would have been different. If she would be alive or if all of us in the car would have picked up. It’s all this going through my head right now,” McIntyre said

McIntyre’s killing pushed the murder toll to 236 for the year so far compared to 256 in 2018