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Plastic Free Feteing

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Plastic Free Feteing

Ever wondered what happens to the cup you throw ‘away’ during the day or ever thought about the plethora of used bottles and where they go? 

Here are some tips to be more conscious and responsible this Crop Over Season.

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For the event/band organizer:

 Reduce the amount of litter produced. If you do not already, consider distributing branded reusable cups or bottles instead of disposable ones.   Look into mobile water stations such as those from Eco Pure Inc (Bring Your One Bottle) which have been used at some events in recent times

Opt out of unnecessary promotion products.  Use non-toxic body paint. Do not put trash our streets or venues. Make sure that there are enough accessible bins – whether on the tray of trucks or bags attached to trucks on the road and spread out throughout the venue.  Avoid purchasing costume accessories that may easily become discarded as litter after the festivities are over. In planning costumes, try to include accessories that may be kept as keepsakes after the festivities.  Remember to communicate any changes to patrons before the event. Let them know what to expect and why you are making this change.  


For the event patron

Pelt waist not waste! Throw garbage in bins. Say no to unnecessary promo products. Do you really need another rag, or can you bring yours from home? Or what about the cup in your goodie bag or snack etc? If not using, instead of throwing away, donate or give back. If not given a branded reusable cup, find out if you are allowed to take your own.  Recycle your costumes. In collaboration with Carni Cycle, we are looking for a few bands or locations to have drop off bins where you can return your wire bras after the jump which will then be sanitised and donated. This diverts landfill waste and can be subsequently donated to local charities (also looking for interested charities). Most of us wear our bras once or maybe twice; they are often single use. Give them a second life. Divert from the landfill and donate to someone in need.  Think about the glitter that you use. Glitter is literally micro-sized pieces of plastic.  

Street vendors:

Put garbage where it belongs. Ensure that you provide your customers with an easily accessible means of disposing garbage. Place bins or garbage bags in or near to your stall where it can easily be seen. More bins along Mighty Grynner Highway (Spring Garden) equate to less clean-up work! G ive discounts for refills! If a reveller or by-stander has their own branded reusable cup, encourage that by offering a small discount. Vendors won’t be at a loss since they didn’t have to provide the cup. When the party dun: 

Organise a clean-up crew. Remember to clean up after yourselves. Make it a group effort, play some music and provide a few drinks (in reusable cups of course). The environment will thank you for it. Get rewards for your sustainability efforts

Through Oceanic Global, The Oceanic Standard Barbados Edition was launched in collaboration with Sustainable Caribbean. This is an international set of free industry-specific guides for adopting sustainable practices that meet both business and environmental needs.

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Four tiers of verification have been developed to recognize businesses that advocate for sustainability within their industry:

1) Plastic-Free: Awarded to TOS partner venues that eliminate single-use plastics throughout their operations.

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2) Ocean Champion: Awarded to TOS partner venues that implement six types of sustainable practices. This could range from reducing single-use plastics to composting and recycling.

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3) Sustainability Steward: Awarded to TOS partner venues that implement three types of sustainable practices. This could range from reducing single-use plastics to composting and recycling.

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4) Straw-Free: Awarded to TOS partner venues that eliminate single-use plastic straws

Tipsy (Twisted Entertainment) was the first event in Barbados to be awarded one of the badges for their efforts for their upcoming event this weekend:  Ocean Champion since they made the socially responsible decision to utilise branded cups, cloth bands, did not distribute straws at their events and have removed many single use plastics. 

Mix Nutz has also been awarded Ocean Champion and use a mobile water station as well as an irrigation system for paint at their party in May. Also recycled bottles. 

WKD Beach Lofts, Copa and Eco Lodge are some of the leaders in sustainability and are being rewarded for this. Some other big names will hopefully come on board soon. 

Drink and party more responsibly has another meaning to it. 

If you know of a band, event, venue, hotel or restaurant that has taken steps towards becoming more sustainable, please email me at [email protected]

Next week, we will discuss Waste Management and Recycling.