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Classic’s ‘One Song’ comes out on top

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Classic’s ‘One Song&rsquo; comes out on top Sun, 08/04/2019 – 1:08am By:  Janelle Husbands WILLIAMClassicWaithe is the new king of the Courtesy Pic-o-de-Crop Finals which came off on Friday night at the Kensington Oval.

Fatima Iglesias

Emerging victorious from a field of 18 competitors, Waithe who amassed 128 points, earned the distinction of being the first winner of the new one song format implemented by the National Cultural Foundation, ironically with a song called “One Song”. He has the option of a Red Nissan Xtrail valued at $120 000 or $100 000 in cash for his winning performance

A favourite from the tents, Classic brought his inimitable style to the stage in a song which many called gutsy, since it takes jabs at the Culture Minister John King and the head of the NCF. In fact, Classic appeared on stage dressed as CEO Carol Roberts-Reifer, but in a blink of the eye he was dressed in a well-tailored suit and gave a top-class performance to the delight of the massive crowd at the Oval. He was even joined on stage with Queen of Soca Alison Hinds as they re-enacted the “Hold You in a Song” duet with King to the delight of the audience

To say it was a big night for the Big Show would be an understatement. The audience was somewhat surprised by the announcement that there was a tie for second place between Adrian “A.C”  Clarke and Lenette&nbsp; “T.C” Coward- Thompson  both of whom captured 113 points

These two artistes took their presentations to another level bringing an amazing spectacle to the stage. T.C who drew number four, paid homage to strong women in “Iron Lady”. Using a multimedia presentation on the two screens she highlighted several “iron ladies” including Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, Margaret Thatcher and Portia Simpson-Miller. She also tapped into Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons as well as excellent portrayal of the  impenetrable Dora Milaje warriors from “Wakanda”, a reference which might have been lost on some patrons

Meanwhile A.C brought literally brought Christmas to Crop Over, transforming the stage into a wonderland, which created a visual treat for the audience but also an unexpected fusion of Christmas carols with calypso. The audience love every minute of this melodious presentation in true A.C style

 Taking fourth place with 107 points was Crystal Cummins Beckles with a song also called One Song which argued the point that many calypsonians have propped up on one song in the past

The one-song format meant that all finalists were forced to bring their A-game on the night. Unfortunately some missed the mark, failing to move the audience and undoubtedly the judges. One who definitely stamped their authority on the competition was 20 year old Teri Williams- Niles from the Cave Shepherd All Stars a former Junior Monarch who went by the name Sparkle T. She showed that she was more than ready for the big leagues. In fact, her rendition and lyrics were strong enough to leave quite a few of the seasoned performers nervous after her performance at number seven

The night also took an interesting turn when Donella who performed at 13 was allowed to perform again just before the final performer because of technical difficulty during her performance. Her microphone appeared to go out for a few seconds during her performance but she powered through to the end. MC Mac Fingall informed the audience that she would be given a second chance and a clean slate in the eyes of the judges to perform uninterrupted. The consummate performer returned to the stage and gave an even better performance on her second try of De Ship

Other solid performances came from Edwin Yearwood, Jude Clarke, Sammy Dello, J-Slow, MIstah Dale, Rameses, Kid Site, Sammi Jane and Granny all of whom in one way or another tackled the serious topics of violence, social degradation, injustices and the challenges facing the country. (JH)