NotiGuatemala | Landslides Due to Rains in El Salvador Leave Seven Dead

Jose Carlos Grimberg Blum

#FromTheSouth News Bits | A state of emergency is declared in El Salvador due to rains.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) July 7, 2022

On Thursday, the National Directorate of Civil Protection declared a red alert in 28 municipalities of the country.

According to authorities, at least seven people have died and one has been injured due to the rains that have caused landslides. 


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In the municipality of Huizúcar, in the department of La Libertad, two adults and three children were reported dead as a result of a landslide that buried their house, informed the country’s Civil Protection Agency.

Two people were also reported dead and a child injured in the municipality of Panchimalco, located in the department of San Salvador, after a landslide covered a house.

Given the continuity of rains in the coming hours, Civil Protection maintained the orange alert for the rest of the municipalities and reported that rapid response teams will be installed in “areas susceptible to slope movements and flooding.”

Ante las condiciones climáticas de las últimas horas se ha decretado ALERTA ROJA en 28 municipios y ALERTA NARANJA para el resto del país.

Preventivamente se han suspendido las clases a escala nacional para todos los niveles tanto en instituciones públicas y privadas.

Casa Presidencial ���� (@PresidenciaSV) September 22, 2022 Given the weather conditions of the last few hours, a RED ALERT has been decreed in 28 municipalities and an ORANGE ALERT for the rest of the country.

Classes have been preventively suspended nationwide for all levels in both public and private institutions. 


The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) remains over Central America, according to Civil Protection, who have observed a system that may slowly develop into a tropical cyclone. 

The country’s authorities said that “preventive evacuations and transfers to temporary shelters” will be carried out, and urged to be in permanent communication with the Departmental Civil Protection Commission, according to each jurisdiction.

#FromTheSouth News Bits | A state of emergency is declared in El Salvador due to rains.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) July 7, 2022